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Robot pumps Robowhirl / DWM

Robot pumps Robowhirl / DWM

The Robot Robowhirl submersible vertical mixer for sinks and basins with fixed solid particles. The DWM is the new model with identical dimensions
Robot RoboWhirl / DWM submersible mixers can be used in sinks and basins in which fixed solid particles want to settle on the bottom and where a propeller mixer cannot be used. In essence, the Robot Robowhirl is a vortex pump without pump housing. Due to the high velocity, the solid particles, what will moves horizontal over the bottom, will be mixed with the liqued. The Robowhirl is available in cast iron and Stainless Steel Duplex. Also several e-motor options are possible, thermo switches in stator windings, water detector in motor and oil chamber or Atex/Flameproof versions. The rated shaft power ranges from 1.5 kW to 48 kW.
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Our service department is your contact for placing orders regarding to spare parts, signing in pumps for maintenance or questions regarding to malfunction of your pumps. We can also help with the installation of Robot Pumps delivered by Pompdirect or questions regarding the operation and maintenance manual from Robot Pumps.