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Robot BW2040 parts

Robot BW2040

Here you can find the exploded view, spare part list and operation & maintenance manual of the BW2040
Robot Pumps dry installed Vortex pump BW2040 model is equipped with a recessed vortex impeller. This makes the pump suitable for a wide range of solids that can passage the volute. The pump can be used with ease in various applications for handling sewage, heavily polluted water or industrial wastewater. For the best performance you can choose several installation options for instance horizontal or horizontal on a base plate, vertical with or without support and horizontal or vertical short coupled. As replacement pump a bare shaft model. The BW2040 pump is applicable in two different speeds 1450 rpm and 960 rpm the corresponding motor size varies from 1,5 kW up to 7,5 kW.

Solids passage : 100 mm
Discharge diameter : 100 mm
Suction diameter : 100 mm
Minimum capacity : 6 l/s (21 m³/h)
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