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Robot BW4020 parts

Robot BW4020

Here you can find the exploded view, spare part list and operation & maintenance manual of the BW4020
Bearing bracket pump BW4020 from Robot Pumps dry installed vortex pump series is equipped with a vortex impeller. This impeller ensures a good processing of most solids, heavy polluted wastewater and the strong vortex prevents that solids are left behind even at low flow conditions. Also the pump can be used for handling sewage or industrial wastewater. Install the pump horizontal on a base plate or vertical on support, both as a long or short coupled version. Another possibility is to install the pump in a frame construction with high placed motor and V-belt coupling. The correct speed can be selected for each application with corresponding motor size from IEC 100 up to IEC 132. The maximum solid passage of the BW4020 is 65 mm, the pump casing has a NW80 discharge and suction flange. The pump is available in cast iron and stainless-steel Duplex. When it is needed the pump can be delivered with an optional seal flushing.

Design features are:
- Non-clog design with recessed vortex impeller
- Large solids handling
- No impeller adjustments required
- Impeller with back vanes to keep the solids out and to reduce seal pressure for longer seal life
- Closed bearings, greased for life
- Flexible coupling, with spacer to allow back pull out of horizontal pumps
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