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Robot RS2210 parts

Robot RS2210

Here you can find the exploded view, spare part list and manual of the RS2210AK, RS2210BB, RS2210BD, RS2210BE, RS2210BG, RS2210BH, RS2210DA
The Robot Pumps grinder pumps of the RS2210 series are specially designed for sewage and heavily polluted waste water where high heads are needed. The rotor and stationary parts have multi cutting edges which fully cover the suction opening. All debris, plastic bags and clogs will go inside the grinder and are shredded to small parts that can be pumped through the discharge pipes. Because the large solids are cut to finer particles this pump type allows the use of small discharge pipes, all the models of the RS series have a 40 mm discharge connection. The submersible pumps are suitable for pressure sewage systems, camping or other recreation facilities, effectively in all places where there is a risk of blockage or obstruction due to large objects. The rated shaft power of the pumps ranges from 0.65 kW by 1450 rpm to 4.0 kW by 2900 rpm. An unique feature due to the designs is that the head for a single cutter pump is up to 45 meter. For the installation of the pumps you can choose between freestanding including support and a 90 degree hose or threaded connection, a header or guide bar coupling.

- Non- clog design
- Very effective cutting device with protected cutting edges
- Hard stainless steel cutter
- High head – low power
- Can be used with small discharge pipes as small as 32 mm
- Large range of applications
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