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Robot RD4041 parts

Robot RD4041

Here you can find the exploded view, spare part list and manual of the RD4041DZ
The Robot Pumps heavy duty NiHard submersible pump type RD4041 is equipped with a recessed NI Hard 4 vortex impeller. The pump is designed for use in rough conditions and all the hydraulic components are of NI Hard 4 which is harder than silica and quartz sand. The use of this material also reduces weight and makes the pumps easier to handle. Due to the large solids passages is the pump suitable for various applications with abrasive solids, fibrous materials, sand, cement, bentonite or other sludge. On this type of the pump an agitator can be fitted. The optional agitator is mounted just below
the intake opening and feeds the impeller with high density material. This in combination with the
strong vortex that is created by the impeller just underneath the pump leads to unmatched high solid
concentrations. Oversized solids are thrown away from the suction opening, preventing accumulation of solids that would impair performance. For every application there is a suitable speed with corresponding motor size, for this pump it is 13 kW by 1450rpm. The pump is available for a permanent fixed installation or you can choose for a free-standing or transportable installation.

Solids passage: 100 mm
Solids passage with agitator: 35 mm
Discharge diameter: 110 mm
Suction diameter: 100 mm
Minimum capacity: 6 l/s (21 m³/h)
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