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Robot RD6141 parts

Robot RD6141

Here you can find the exploded view, spare part list and manual of the RD6141LF, RD6141LI and RD6141LL
The Robot Pumps type RD6141 wear resistant submersible vortex pumps are designed for the continuous transport of highly abrasive solids. The recessed vortex impeller leaves a wide unobstructed passage through the volute in which a strong vortex is created that carries most of the abrasives and fibrous materials. Natural low wear is experienced in vortex pumps and also wear is further reduced by using NI Hard 4 for all the hydraulic components. This heavy duty RD6141 model is perfect for slurry applications by readymix concrete factories, construction industry, bentonite, cement or drilling and grinding dust. This pump type can also be fitted with an agitator that further increases the density of the pumped mixture. Pumps are available for permanent fixed installation or can be equipped with stand and discharge adapter for free-standing or transportable installation.

Design features are:
- Wear resistant
- Non-clog design with recessed vortex impeller
- Optional agitator
- Large solids handling
- No adjustments – low maintenance
- Low weight for easy handling
- Various operating speeds and rated shaft power
- Recommended minimum flow 13 l/s (47 m³/h)
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