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Robot pumps type RD / DNP

Robot pumps type RD / DNP

The Robot RD is the heavy duty NiHard submersible pump with agitator. The DNP is the new model with identical size and dimensions
The Robot RD / DNP wear resistant submersible vortex pumps are designed for the continuous transport of highly abrasive solids. During many years they have proved to be cost effective and most reliable under most extreme working conditions. The natural low wear figures as experienced in vortex pumps and the limited effect of wear on the pump’s output in combination with the absence of wear rings that could impair performance leads to unmatched long term constant high performance with minimal downtime for maintenance. The Robot RD / DNP pumps offer low weight as the selection of the superior Ni Hard 4 wear resistant material does not demand low operating speeds and additionally sacrificing material to achieve long life between service intervals. Optionally, many pumps can be fitted with an agitator that further increases the density of the pumped mixture. Also several e-motor options are possible, such as thermo switches in stator windings, water detector in motor and oil chamber or Atex/Flameproof versions. For the installation options you can choose between a freestanding model including support with hose or threaded connection or a separate header or guide bar coupling.
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Robot Pumps Service

Our service department is your contact for placing orders regarding to spare parts, signing in pumps for maintenance or questions regarding to malfunction of your pumps. We can also help with the installation of Robot Pumps delivered by Pompdirect or questions regarding the operation and maintenance manual from Robot Pumps.