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Robot RW4040 parts

Robot RW4040

Here you can find the exploded view, spare part list and manual of the RW4040DG, RW4040DJ, RW4040DL, RW4040DO and the RW4040FE
All the Robot RW4040 series wastewater pumps have a vortex impeller, this makes the pumps suitable and well equipped for the processing of solid parts. The submersible pumps model types DG to FE have a pump casing with a DN100 rectangular discharge flange, the maximum size for solids passage is 100mm. The rated shaft power of the pumps ranges from 2.4 kW by 960 rpm up to 7.5 kW by 1395 rpm. The pumps in this range are available in cast iron and Stainless Steel Duplex. Also several e-motor options are possible, such as a cooling jacket, thermo switches in stator windings, water detector in motor and oil chamber or Atex/Flame proof versions. For the installation of the pumps you can choose between the following options, freestanding including support and a 90 degree hose or threaded connection, a header or guide bar coupling. For all options the size of the discharge connection is 100mm.
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